EVEN SONG "Mysterium"

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EVEN SONG "Mysterium"
  • Album: Mysterium
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • Hungary

I hate to listen to short albums because I believe it is rather hard to expose and express musical concepts in a relatively brief hasty score. EVENSONG might number itself as an exception because the Hungarians' third album sounds remarkable, by far the best in their entire history. Melodic perfectly embraces Doom, symphonic tunes harmoniously interface with the classical ones, the atmospheric keyboard and the female voice charmingly get in touch with the male one, guitars' riffs are progressive, slightly knotty, so are the drums...everything sound now more technical and mature. A strong point is the fact that all six tracks sound completely different one from each other, yet, after a repeated audition, the album sounds ... unfinished and turns into an obsessive theme. I would have died to listen to, at least, a few more tracks! Anyway, for a four years old band, the level they reached in interpretation is by far superior many other Doom ones, which try to consolidate their place on the actual scene. Mihaly Szabo, Szolo u.97/1, H-5600 Bekescsaba, Hungary, www.negativeart.hu/evensong .