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  • Album: E-Mania
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

The German quintet has lived and spent quite beautiful years under Nuclear Blast roof (three albums) and, now, Massacre has the mission to behave , at least, as careful as the predecessors. They have strong reasons as well, since the Cyber Gothic Metal EVEREVE approached is a very expressive one, with a fragile yet also powerful voice, heavy guitars, electro passages, oriental keyboards ("Demons"), female voice in contrast with the psycho male one ("Ligeia"), pop tunes ("Fade to Grey"), theatric choirs ("KM")... all in darkness, strength, coldness, cyber. I should also mention about the change in line-up, unlike the former albums since it seems to have finally become a strong point of the Germans. SISTER OF MERCY fans shall definitely be glad and enchanted by these new frames and especially because of the imposing voice of MZ Eve 51.