Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud "Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud"

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Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud "Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud"

It all started the evening of the 22nd of September 2010 when the guys from KWOON arrived in Bucharest for Experimental Friday. Their drummer told me among other things, that he also released a debut album together with fellow KWOON guitarist, something tranquil, but still Post-Rock. So he gives me the freshly edited album and he simply recommends me to listen to it when I will have the time.

Wonderful moments followed, accompanying the event that had the French band share the stage with CECILIA EYES and for a couple of days onwards I allowed myself to remain under the aura of the 2 superb performances in Bucharest. Then, at some stage, I got reminded of this album, randomly, finding it in the pile of stuff left after the concert, so I played it while in my car. Well, I was immediately struck by what I was hearing! Romantic, melancholic, epic, ambient, dreamy, sad, melodic… superb! Along the latest CECILIA::EYES and the MONO DVD, this album has climbed to the top of my favorite Shoegaze/Post-Rock materials of 2010!

The female narrating voice releases the listener into an atmospheric and unique aura, while the prolonged guitars wonderfully communicate with the rhythm breaks, sounding so spectacular it feels unreal. And while it all seems to quiet down, out of nowhere comes a cello - grave and heavy, alongside intelligently inserted samples and bombastic piano accords, who conjure up a relaxed and unique dimension.

The album was self-produced, but rumor has it that the guys are about to sign with a quality underground loving label. I sincerely wish for Guillaume and Cyrille’s project to be promoted fairly in order to step out of the shadows into the light and I hope it will be appreciated by people who enjoy experimenting new things. I would have liked to start describing the songs one by one but I realize that more details will only temper the curiosity of the person who wishes to try the album right away. If you like KWOON, you’ll easily get into ESLHAC.

You can listen to the songs on their official website, so happy listening!