EVIL BARDS "Prelude To Sadness"

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EVIL BARDS "Prelude To Sadness"
  • Album: Prelude To Sadness
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

Generally speaking Italian bands are tempted by avant-garde trend and therefore try to combine various musical influences. In EVIL BARDS case, the Melodic death Metal line is completed with Dark, Doom and Gothic tints besides folk and acoustic parts. In other words, on a melodic Death/Black structure, the screamed voice, otherwise modest and annoying, is a little isolated from the rest of the instruments, which might result from an underprivileged mixing. The strong point consists in instrumentation, an atmospheric sound created by Keyboard, piano and violin so that a baroque maybe medieval dimension is outlined-together with classical hues just in order to harmoniously and intelligently embrace an extreme metallic aura. I assume it is a good start after two promo tapes and I believe you should keep in mind this appearance. evilbards@hotmail.com.