EWIGKEIT "Land Of Fog"

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EWIGKEIT "Land Of Fog"
  • Album: Land Of Fog
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: METAL AGE
  • Artist: 
  • United Kingdom

This is a surprising solo project... Mr. Fog is a real talented musician! After almost 10 years of activity, the British project numbers solely three albums and this is the later. There is one thing I can't explain to myself, how did it happen that no big labels were interested in EWIGKEIT! And I refer now especially at this last album! The declared style seems to be Epic Pagan Folk Metal, but if it is up to my appreciation I'd say that Mr. Fog performs something more complex, a mixture of Eclectic Black, Atmospheric and Progressive Metal. The sound is professional and the instruments sound amazingly great! It is incredible how a single man can come out with such great music... here there are some different tracks, from aggressive ones in a modern Black Metal version to lent atmospheric and with psychedelic shades ones. "Interlude", for example, reminds me in an accurate frame of SHIP OF FOOLS. The keyboard is the basic instrument while the voice simply emphasizes the grave note of the sound. The last two tracks are merely stupefying...both guitars and keyboard run through various styles replicating cosmic effects in a range from PINK FLOYD to IN THE WOODS... and there is a special atmospheric melancholic and really nostalgic aura you cannot miss... Even the voice is different here, warm and comfortable. Should I mention in addition that originality is EWIGKEIT's fundamental feature? Well, I actually am really impressed!