Falkenbach "Heralding-The Fireblade"

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Falkenbach "Heralding-The Fireblade"
  • Album: Heralding-The Fireblade
  • Year: 2005
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Iceland

Welcome to EDDA's and VV's world! It's not about a new conceptual album, but about a sum of songs, some of them should represent their debut realized some years ago. Unfortunately for FALKENBACH, this debut has never appeared and some of its songs were included on the official albums. Now I discovered a song I've never heard before, "Of Forests Unknown", and, comparing to the other songs, it's completely different, very agressive, in a Black Metal which is not Epic at all. My sensation is that this song plus another one ot two were forceful put on the album, applying the copy-past metod. It we analyse that FALKENBACH has existed for over 15 years and that VV has released very few albums, we just can't avoid being glad for another apparition! But, if it is to realise that the album is only half new, we can't be so indulgent with the cruel truth. This CD gives me the impression was "made" for money! I truly support this icelander project but this time it seems to me like a financial engineering which is beneath the dignity of a respected underground name - FALKENBACH!