Falkenbach "Ok Nefina Tysvar Ty"

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Falkenbach "Ok Nefina Tysvar Ty"
  • Album: Ok Nefina Tysvar Ty
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Iceland

Even if we take solely the name of this project and we should show respect for them and moreover, this third release is really a precious jewel. It took almost 6 years since Vratyas' previous material was released but I assure you it wasn't in vain as this album is actually by far the most elaborated and inspired production of his. With the benefit of irreproachable recording and mixing, the new tracks continues the same line of Epic Hymnal Atmospheric Folk Metal but this time the clear vocals along with war-like choirs, frames of acoustic guitars and Icelandic traditional rhythms (we could even say Viking tunes!) simply lead to a fantastic state of maximum adrenaline! Though it is a very melodic outstanding album of an exquisite elegance and no mistake! Since I am a fan of the album "Twilight Of The Gods" (BATHORY), I can assure you that the new FALKENBACH has just broken my heart in two and thousands small frames... just because the sound is so much resembling to Quorthon's! From another point of view, this is the first album featuring all three musicians of VINDSVAL, a project under SKALDIC ART label, which belongs to Vratyas! If I wasn't clear enough, I'll tell it again and directly: my true opinion is that this album can equal a nuclear bomb... as atmosphere! This is a piece of collection!