FANGORN "Fangorn"

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FANGORN "Fangorn"
  • Album: Fangorn
  • Year: 2001
  • Label: G.U.C.
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

This is the first time I listen to the sextet although it was founded eight years ago! I understood they released so far two albums, "Non-Rhapsodian" and "Pentatonische Furien", both in the same Melodic Death Metal manner. What I now listen to is a relatively successful combination of Heavy, Gothic and Death Metal with some Black Metal influences, extremely agile guitars and different voices from the screamed demonic ones to clear baritone or female ones. In spite of the stylistic diversity, the music is often annoying since passing from Thrash and Death tunes to something else is not quite in accordance with the rest of the atmosphere created by rhythmic and melodic parts. Otherwise, it is just a characteristic album for the actual extreme Metal scene of the German underground, dedicated to those who know or speak this language.