FEN/DE ARMA "split 2011"

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FEN/DE ARMA "split 2011"
  • Album: split 2011
  • Year: 2011
  • Label: Nordvis
  • Artist: 

FEN is an underground Black Metal band which pleasantly impressed with their present 2 materials. At least 2009's album, "The Malediction Fields", was very well received by the musical press. This Winter, FEN appears on the market with 2 different releases, this split and the new album, "Epoch". Because I listened both, I can also draw comparisons between both materials' songs and make references to the older ones. Well, the British quartet appeals to me more and more, meaning that the experimental influences completely take out the band from the Black Metal cliche, applied by thousands of bands. The acoustic elements, ambiental passages and also Post-Rock rhythms perfectly fit the angry voices.

The beginning of the song "Ageless Thenody" reminds me of PRIMORDIAL, at least how the drums sound... but immediatly, the angry voice blends with a cosmic keyboard, very atmospheric and abundant, making place for a melancholic, calm and dreamy rhythm. "Towards The Shores Of The End" begins with clear Post-Rock chords and a long intro that throws you into a weird state of complete anxiety. The Watcher's voice mysteriously and discreetly envelops us, the guitars continue their excellent melodic series, the clean voices appear in the background... and the keyboard insists upon the ambiental phases, making out of the song a beautiful avantgardist jewel. "Bereft" is an acoustic reprise that can be harder to assimilate because only the piano and the guitars decorate the sound, a rather dry one. "Soilbound" is the song that resembles the "Epoch's" direction, and I could say it would have fit there better.

The songs from the split are more experimental than everything the musicians have done so far, and changing the keyboardist matches perfectly what FEN makes now ! I don't know if they are better than the previous ones, from virtuosity's point of view, but it's clear they are more varied, diverse as compositional structure, and that makes me appreciate much these exponents of atmospheric Black Metal, full of Ambient and Progressive Rock phases. Even though they come from the new wave, the Brits show us they are very open-minded when it comes to musical influences and they succeed to smartly implement songs that are going to be talk of the town later on, if Black Metal will follow this path. DE ARMA is a new Swedish project which sets out now with 3 songs, not a bit to neglect. Somehow linked to FEN's music, DE ARMA sounds good, but goes unnoticed, maybe the song "Noemata", on which The Watcher's voice is slightly distinguished. One on another, a band with an atmpospheric Black Metal sound, with much keyboard, a pronounced melodic rhythm and that's it.