FINNTROLL "Ur Jordens Djup"

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FINNTROLL "Ur Jordens Djup"
  • Album: Ur Jordens Djup
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: SPIKEFARM
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

The Finns fifth album seems to get slightly above the average line, even though I was hoping it will overtake the previous one, "Jaktens Tid". We have Henri Sorvalli in a great shape, convincing us that not solely MOONSORROW means quality Viking Folk Metal, plus a bombastic keyboard enhancing a charming Epic dimension. But that's all. It is obvious that without the two founders of the band (one died under suspicious circumstances, while the other retreated due to a tumor affecting his vocal cords), the sound turns monotonous, common, with linear and highly resembling tracks, heading towards Black Folk Metal, with a major focus on rhythm and melody. The new voice is not guttural, nor normal, but rather roared and strained, and the martial aura seems forged to me. To those listening to FINNTROLL for the first time the album might be enjoyable... yet, for the ones admiring FINNTROLL six or seven years ago, the new chapter will be a disappointment! Even though the familiar harpsichord and flute harmoniously interweave the Northern traditional accords, this new material is almost indistinct to the previous one, "Nattfodd".