FINSTERFORST "Weltenkraft"

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FINSTERFORST "Weltenkraft"
  • Album: Weltenkraft
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

Interesting debut! I was tempted to believe that the band comes from the Northern lands, Finland maybe! This fully Epic sound, with a continuous accordion, instantly reminded me of FINNTROLL, MOONSORROW or ENSIFERUM! The truth is that the instruments sound tremendous! Quite talented these musicians! If it is Pagan, Atmospheric or Folk Metal, I don't know! But I can state for sure that it is a very bombastic Melodic Metal style, with plenty of keyboard, guitars that do not exceed in virtuosity but they sound fine in whatever they're doing, including the cold sequences, plus an excellent drummer, a truly beautiful accordion, alongside inspired interludes with flutes and other traditional instruments, and unfortunately, a voice that disconcerts almost everything!

Its aggressiveness, rather constrained and roared, fades this sound instead of enhancing it, as special as it is! This kind of voice does not disturb, but it is far too linear and bereaved in imagination! On the last track though, "Verlorene Seelen", you can unearth some imposing choirs that foster a distinct dimension, far more sombre and elegant! We have over 75 minutes of abundant Metal in just ten tracks, some of them of considerable length and truly elaborated (just the way I like) so it becomes obvious that this particular album is one that has to be listened! Well, if Michael Flately would have appeared dancing on the last track, than completion would have been granted! Therefore, we are dealing with an unoriginal but fully inspired album, with a crystal clear sound that succoured me into evading the quotidian for more than two hours, respectively for two consecutive auditions.