FJOERGYN "Sade Et Masoch"

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FJOERGYN "Sade Et Masoch"
  • Album: Sade Et Masoch
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: REARTONE
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

The fifth album of this German trio is just as weird as the one released two years ago and named "Ernte Im Herbst". With a perfect mixing, FJOERGYN presents nine new tracks unveiling plenty of styles, starting with Epic, Viking or Black Metal to Gothic and Doom Metal. Therefore, we have a mixture of EMPYRIUM (the first two albums) with RIVENDELL, FALKENBACH or ANTESTOR. I am quite confused by this sound, even it is utterly complex. The multitude of styles wearies the ears on the first listening and you need to concentrate in order to comprehend this stylistic diversity. The lyrics are in German, and the voice is a tearing, yield one! It oscillates from aggressiveness towards normality, while the sequences are divided between ultra-rapid, explosive ones, and others quite melodic, atmospheric and bombastic! Obviously the Germans are trying to define a Metal style of their own, but I fear there will be solely a few persons patient enough to get to understand this slightly synthetic, artificial sound. I sense an experimental approach, one specific for studio processing and nothing more! Difficult, really difficult this music created by FJOERGYN! Still, as I've said earlier, both the recording and the mixing are perfect, plus a crystal clear sound!