FLOODLAND "Nameless"

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FLOODLAND "Nameless"
  • Album: Nameless
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: FLOOD
  • Artist: 
  • Austria

These four Austrians are very serious when it comes to music. They have over ten years of activity and 3 albums released, and now FLOODLAND returns with a new Dark Rock material, better said a bombastic Goth one, cold, reminiscent of SISTERS OF MERCY or FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM. Quite dynamic and full of heavy guitars, with a very active bass, and keyboard parts saturated in atmospheric sequences and also Electronic elements, FLOODLAND now presents the best album in their history! I cannot say to have uncovered an evolution/major change in what concerns the structure of the tracks, perhaps only if we refer to interpretation. Colder than “Decay”, yet more diverse and professional than “Ocean The Lost”, FLOODLAND released an elegant material, with every single detail considered twice, and with a clean mixing. Listening to this album is a truly pleasant surprise! www.floodland.org