FLOWING TEARS "Invanity-Live In Berlin"

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FLOWING TEARS "Invanity-Live In Berlin"
  • Album: Invanity-Live In Berlin
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

I was expecting that Lee Barrett's label would promote a new album of the well known German band and not solely an anniversary concert, celebrating ten years since the debut. What is there for me to say to you about this CD? The Germans are playing their most representative tracks in their history (meaning three albums) in front of an audience that seems truly content of what is given to be devoured by the ears, in an elegant acoustic: a church in Berlin. On the last track, "The Weeping Song ",Johan Edlund (TIAMAT) is featured as a guest, and this gives a certain flavour to a concert that fails into impressing in any way.

Well, I'd say it's all right to listen to this album as you can get the sense over the Gothic Metal FLOWING TEARS approaches. That's my first feeling towards it. After listening to it the second time, I've started to like it indeed, because there is a remarkable melancholy to be discovered within the tracks and the feminine voice unveils an impressive candor!