FOGLAND "Znaman"

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FOGLAND "Znaman"
  • Album: Znaman
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

There are in the Romanian underground some musicians who activate for quite some years now... some with great results... some with less than that. Fulmineos' case (from ARGUS) belongs to the last category since he didn't succeed so far to get through with none of his materials he released in the past years. What you could hear within here is a stylistic weirdness... something I never listened to until now. On a Poetic meditative and calm Ambient Folk background a simple and formal female voice intertwines with some screams in the style of old BURZUM! The guitars' sound is indeed primitive; there is an abundant but simplistic keyboard while the battery says nothing at all! There are some atmospheric passages, decently conceived, some folk ones, some Black Metal frames, all melted in a precarious harmony but as a whole I can only say that the mixing part finally generated a sound labeled as primitive and even embarrassing! If looking into a different direction, I might say that this is an album in which they actually gave their best and the efforts are noticeable even if there is a great lack: professionalism! If we only think at this as a demo, then with some tolerance we could appreciate it above the medium of what our undersized autochthonous underground promotes! We can enjoy a nice booklet and thus we may say that this product could wake the interest of those fans who still live the nostalgia of musical past times! I understand the future album will include as well some lyrics in at least six languages! Let's wait and see what's next!