FOLKEARTH "Father Of Victory"

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FOLKEARTH "Father Of Victory"
  • Album: Father Of Victory
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 

Don’t be surprised to find out that this band will soon release a new album, entitled “Fatherland”! Or that in the meantime they have released the acoustic version of “Songs Of Yore”! And another project titled FOLKODIA! Quite inspired, this Markus, no joke about it! This present release seems more whole, with an impeccable Epic aura, better structured and harmonised, generating 12 beautiful tracks! In my opinion, this seems to be the best FOLKEARTH material and I am very curious to listen to the following ones as well! Is it Viking, Norse, Pagan or Folk, nobody knows anymore... I can only say that I can now recognise FOLKEARTH just by listening to a few harmonies, regardless of the track in question. Not to mention that 20 musicians from 7 countries have also made their mark on this release: Greece, Lithuania, Italy, England, France, USA or Wales. Loads of keyboards, Irish flutes, Celtic harps, acoustic guitars, accordion, soprano and violins… a truly pagan atmosphere!