FOLKEARTH "Fatherland"

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FOLKEARTH "Fatherland"
  • Album: Fatherland
  • Year: 2009
  • Artist: 

Coming back to the Metal version, with only 11 guests from bands like THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACK, PANTHEIST, SUNNUTHAR, MYNHYRIATH, HILDR VALKYRIE, DOL AMROTH, FOLKODIA, FREKKR, EXCELSIS, FOLKEARTH presents in a relatively short period of time 11 new compositions that no longer manage to shock me with anything. This stylistic variety now leaves me thinking that the sound is too colorful, with tracks that sound good when played individually, but which have nothing in common with the next one, making me think that I am listening to a compilation! Perhaps the act of listening to so many albums in such a short period of time, of knowing so many musicians and so many music styles and ideas pushes me towards saying that this is a good album but nothing more. As usual, an excellent booklet, excellent covers, all expressed in perfect resonance with the Pagan Metal tone.