FOLKEARTH "Songs Of Yore"

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FOLKEARTH "Songs Of Yore"
  • Album: Songs Of Yore
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 

This very famous project is now at album number 5, this time playing exclusively acoustic Folk! With 18 guests from bands like DOL AMROTH, HILDR VALKYRIE, EXCELSIS, SUNUTHAR, ANNWN, VETTER, FUROR GALLICO, FOLKEARTH makes itself noticed with 11 epic hymns, special but very different from each other. Based on Polydeykis music and Marios Koutsoukos writings, his project incorporates a large number of traditional instruments, from harp, violin or accordion to mandolin, clarinet and various other instruments belonging to the same family as the latter. A delightful album, 50 minutes of an elegant Pagan Folk, the positives given also by the fact that the albums dimension is an acoustic one!