FOREFATHER "Engla Tocyme"

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FOREFATHER "Engla Tocyme"
  • Album: Engla Tocyme
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: ANGELISC
  • Artist: 
  • United Kingdom

Anglo-Saxon direction in metallic version can be distinguish fro the very beginning as FOREFATHER is recognized such as Metal band whose deep roots are grown from Britannic mythology and history. For those who never heard of this band I must tell that this very album is the third after "Deep Into Time", 1999 (now reprinted) and "The Fighting Man", 2000. There is also a limited edition of "Legends Untold"-CD but this is all about. I need to outline that the mixture of Epic with Heavy and Black Metal is the most successful one from all their materials although it seems to be vigour less album. It is more like a BATHORY or HADES with a clear warlike voice but very comestible and full of melodious ness. It creates an atmosphere of comfort with free and easy rhythms and prolonged riffs (all made by keyboard) pointing out these two musicians' artistry. It was a real pleasure to listen to this new album of FOREFATHER although after a continuous audition...tracks tend to liquefy. Wulfstan's gentle timbre of voice followed by Athelstan's keyboard simply transposes me into a different charming and simple world...yet a remarkable one because of concepts like honour and oblation...which is almost 3-4 centuries ago. .