FOREST OF SILENCE "Philosophy Of Winter"

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FOREST OF SILENCE "Philosophy Of Winter"
  • Album: Philosophy Of Winter
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Hungary

After ten years of this project's activity, Winter succeeded into debuting, and what label was he able to find! There have been three demos released so far, yet the 2001 "Eternal Winter" one, was the most promoted, probably being the main link towards Candlelight. For those not knowing yet, Winter used to be SEAR BLISS's keyboardist, moreover, on this solo project there have been invited two members of the famous Hungarian band (Andras and Zoltan), which signed with the British label too. Winter also participates in other musical projects, like: INFERNAL, ARUD, NEFARIOUS, SATANIK ART. Still, what have we got on this particular project? Atmospheric Dark Black Metal, using a voice very similar to the one in SEAR BLISS, meaning a straining, even Evil one, moreover there is a powerful guitars noise, Raw alike and not very rapid, plus a bombastic keyboard. To me it didn't sound neither original nor remarkable, so there's no need for other words regarding it. This album will probably get some attention due to its asimilation to the SEAR BLISS project.