FOREST STREAM "Tears Of Mortal Solitude"

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FOREST STREAM "Tears Of Mortal Solitude"
  • Album: Tears Of Mortal Solitude
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: ELITIST
  • Artist: 
  • Russia

Black Doom of depths! How talented can be these young musicians! Even if the band was founded in 1995, they have a poor discography. I remember I actually wrote two eulogistic reviews for their two demos, "Snowfall" and "Last Season Purity", in previous issues of Kogaionon. I wasn't surprised therefore by the contract they signed with Earache since the three musicians if truth be told do approach a complex grave and outstanding musical style. I think their music is situated somewhere between the British Doom of '90's (MY DYING BRIDE, ANATHEMA) and Nordic Black Metal. Unfortunately for them, such style was in preferences top... ten years ago! For today... I doubt there would be many faithful listeners to such sonorities: Atmospheric Doom/Death Black Metal, but who knows...?