Forgotten Tomb "Springtime Depression"

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Forgotten Tomb "Springtime Depression"
  • Album: Springtime Depression
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: ADIPOCERE
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

If only I remember what Dark Depressive Metal bands used to be ages ago! SHINING, for example, is a fortunate case in which the same strong and "healthy" underground line is preserved despite all musical fashions or else and the sound is weird and really nocturnal. Not too far from this band is FT with a lent and atmospheric Black Metal performed in a duality of sinister and charming tunes. From a Misanthropic Sick Black Metal started four years ago. Morbid's band has changed the track especially after an acclaimed debut, "Songs To Leave" (KATATONIA+BURZUM+DOLORIAN), and turned to a weird lent suicidal-depressive, really pessimistic and grave tone: depressed angry and ugly vocals, prolonged guitar solos, drums in cadenza, lugubrious atmosphere. To be more precise, we can talk about a sick mixture of Dark, Doom and Black Metal. I really liked this material even if there is nothing new or bold about it. But there is still my nostalgia for WINTER which actually "affects" my judgement. I find interesting that the album was recorded in Tommy Tagtgren's studio (just imagine the mixing!) while the drum part belonged to Wedebrand (ex-SHINING). I recommend it solely to those who know to appreciate Black Metal in a classical way.