FORSAKEN "Iconoclast"

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FORSAKEN "Iconoclast"
  • Album: Iconoclast
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: GOLDEN LAKE
  • Artist: 
  • Malta

What a great misfortune for this band to come from a small country! Although founded in 1990, the five musicians have released so far the debut in 1997 and this very MCD. It is a pity and a sad thing to see how a first rate Doom Metal is ignored on Metal scene. Therefore, I tell you, all fans of bands like ST. VITUS, COUNT RAVEN, CATHEDRAL or SOLITUDE AETURNUS, by all means, do not miss this MCD! It is a genuine sample of old Metal with prolonged guitar solos, strange keyboard tunes, placed into the sound solely to create a sober atmosphere, clear clean voice (with progressive touches) and some echoes of female vocals followed by a slow rhythmic battery. Although it brings nothing new, FORSAKEN proves that Doom Metal spirit of 15-20 years ago is still alive! And for such attainment, they have gathered all my respect!