FORTID "Voluspa Part II: The Arrival Of Fenris"

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FORTID "Voluspa Part II: The Arrival Of Fenris"
  • Album: Voluspa Part II: The Arrival Of Fenris
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: NO COLOURS
  • Artist: 
  • Iceland

Eldur and Fimbultyr have returned with the second chapter of this project grounded five years ago, and trust me, it is a fine work. Scented with flavours from all their other projects (CURSE, POTENTIAM, THULE, SYKDOM), FORTID continues the journey within their virtual world helmed by Atmospheric Melodic Viking Black Metal sonorities, somewhere there in the North of the continent. I admit there are also plenty of Epic elements on this album, enhancing a bombastic, majestic dimension, one that reminds me of ROTTING CHRIST's "Non Serviam" ("World Of Hel")! The voice is imposing, mighty, with an aggressive tone perfectly suitable for a sound like this one! Starting with an Epic FALKENBACH all the way to the famous Norse Black Metal bands, FORTID shows us the path towards a slight melodious and atmospheric music. "The Arrival Of Fenris" brings to my mind the legendary band HADES, HADES ALMIGHTY now, and I guess you can imagine the beauty of the sound! We have slow tracks where rapidity is not to be the key and also ultra-rapid sequences, where melody turns pale in front of the explosive guitars and demonical voice...a distinct album indeed!