FORTID "Voluspa Part I/Thor's Anger"

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FORTID "Voluspa Part I/Thor's Anger"
  • Album: Voluspa Part I/Thor's Anger
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: NO COLOURS
  • Artist: 
  • Iceland

It is incredible how inspired could be this talented musician on his name, Eldur. His background started to grow ten years ago when THULE project was brought up to life. And then the veritable "bomb", POTENTIAM, followed. Not so long ago, a new project, CURSE, began to gather many fans and so we can say that Eldur has no moment of pause. FORTID is a solo project that attempts to merge the old Black Metal style with traditional Viking elements and I think both the symphonic, bombastic touch and the aggressive, brutal underground one are on the same level of importance! Here from it is initiated a first part of a trilogy and there is no way for this material not to enchant the fans of first rate Black Metal. Perhaps not the mixing is the key element of the album/sound but it is important for you to listen to this music and to see how this guy manages to put into light a kind of music that does no longer exist. I recommend it for its conceptual manner of sketching a magnificent Black Metal with no other modern crap influences.