FOSCOR "The Smile Of The Sad Ones"

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FOSCOR "The Smile Of The Sad Ones"
  • Album: The Smile Of The Sad Ones
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Spain

Even though they now gather ten years of activity, the four Spanish (Catalonians in fact, but I won't enter those spiny details) have so far succeeded into releasing a sole album, in 2004, reissued by Adipocere at this very moment. Using a new formula comparing with the previous material, FOSCOR returns with a new Black Metal chapter, in the Norwegian style, uncovering lots of EMPEROR or SATYRICON influences.

True all right, it sounds pretty good, and is in fact a spruce and well arranged album, saturated in rhythm and atmosphere, but also in violence and rapidity, finally a fine sound for those yearning for such sonorities. There are also some Experimental Black Metal elements, something alike CODE or VED BUENS ENDE, maybe some avantgardism is present too while the most intricate and atypical track certainly is "The Shame and The Spectre". Aside that, continuous guitar uproar, demonical bass voices, plenty of guitar riffs, a pretty modest battery... and that's about all regarding FOSCOR. Nothing new under the sky and, even if I didn't get weary it is not an authentic album to me, but rather a Northern clone! I should also mention that the band members are involved in other Metal projects alike: DAWN OV HATE, FAYRIERIE or SHEMHAMPHORASH.