GALAR "Skogskvad"

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GALAR "Skogskvad"
  • Album: Skogskvad
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

It seems that WINDIR has been a powerful inspiration for the new Norwegian Viking Black Metal bands. Since the beginning I've been shocked by the cover, dignifying nature, not the glacial landscapes especially, yet the firs are on the first line once again. These two's music sounds quite fine, we have throaty voices (pretty amateur I'd say) and also normal, even martial ones, resonating at their most on the acoustic fragments, slower and very atmospheric. In rest, Black Metal in the Northern style, quite rapid, cursive, sounding very good for a debut, both as structure, interpretation and mixing. We also have piano and keyboard but, surprisingly for me, they are slightly used if compared with other bands of the genre. If I am to drag a conclusion, I can say that the guitars and the battery sound quite fine, the vocal arrangements are very well conceived but modestly interpreted, and the much quested originality isn't one to be neglected even if bands like MANEGARM or WINDIR could have stand for inspiration. Anyway, we are dealing with an intelligent Viking Metal album.