GEIST "Galeere"

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GEIST "Galeere"
  • Album: Galeere
  • Year: 2009
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

I have been waiting for a new GEIST album for a while now, as “Patina” and “Kainsmal” were albums that promised a lot but somewhat seemed incomplete. In a new formula, Alboin plus five other musicians present us with an elegant and modern Black Metal, something in the lines of LUNAR AURORA, just that the non metal insertions seem to be more present and better harmonised. In my opinion, in this particular moment, I think GEIST is the best German Black Metal group! I can’t really fault them on anything with this new material they came out with! 5 long tracks, well worked, with a lot of atmosphere but also an underground feel, aggressive vocals, impressive guitar solos, Dark Ambient, Doom Metal or even Rock elements, a remarkable album!