GLITTERTIND "Evige Asatro"

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GLITTERTIND "Evige Asatro"
  • Album: Evige Asatro
  • Year: 2004
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

This young musician's (19 years old) debut seems to be pretty fresh and inspirational! The Folk, Metal and Punk crossover discharges a mighty atmosphere with deep roots in old Scandinavian music while the lyrics bring on ancient themes belonging to Asatru's belief. In fact, the lyrics are in Norwegian, therefore solely Torbjorn and his people know for sure what they sing about! I've noticed lately there are more and more bands approaching SKYCLAD old style but in a more domestic manner so that, in the end, those who habitually listen to CRUACHAN, THE POGUES, STORM or even FINNTROLL (this is an indulgent comparison!) could try tasting this experience as well. It is a good recording with a clear accurate sound...I really don't see why one wouldn't like it?! Perhaps one could be disturbed from time to time by Punk echoes, but I suppose it matters not for the authentic Folk fans! For those who actually desire for Metal, GLITTERTIND will be a big disappointment because of the commercial aspect and especially because of the simplistic structure... There is nothing to impress in particularly not to mention that it is in lack of any underground strike. I think an important percentage of the rating is given by the album's cover, which is extremely attractive, especially since it is created by the same artist/designer who collaborates with FINNTROLL!