God "Aura"

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God "Aura"
  • Album: Aura
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

Well, well...a long time passed since this band kicked us with new music!!! I see that many years are needed for a Romanian band to come with a new material on the market! But I guess all these details you actually already found out throughout the interview. Let's pass to the music! This CD does not represent a final version as I know that GOD has just returned to the studio and the mastering is planed to end in November. But this doesn't mean I cannot tell you about the new sound. In fact, some of the tracks I had the opportunity to listen to live...but the album is more atmospheric and the keyboard seems to be omnipresent, guitars interchange Heavy effects with melodic ones, the battery follows fluctuating unpredictable rhythms with a "live' effect, the violin can be heard clearer while the female voice finally reached a harmony with the male one. If I were in the position to perceive the album in comparison with the former ones, I'd say GOD suffers at inspiration chapter. The seven tracks preserve the same Gothic/Doom/Death Metal area, which was pretty used last decade, besides Black passages and traditional tunes with a Folkloric inspiration. Perhaps "Shining" could be a track not in the patterns as the Electro rhythms embrace fast a THEATRE OF TRAGEDY sound reaching a status of danceable and digestible for any listener.

Castor's violent voice keeps on "hurting" my ears while the passages of him playing clear or reciting are unfortunately pretty rare. Latin, English and Romanian are featured in their lyrics and thus I could say the album develops a complex concept even if I hardly made an idea about it! I don't know if the new tracks catch the public as the previous albums did but I am sure there is a hunger for autochthon albums in the last years and therefore GOD might have a huge impact. I've never been a GOD fan but I must confess I pleasingly listened to a very well-executed and intelligently conceived long track-"Calatorul" (Peregrine)!!! It is the only one in Romanian language and Moldavian folkloric potencies are well outlined; there is certain compatibility between Metal and mourning autochthon songs sustained by a bombastic keyboard and all in all, in the end, those confer colour and feeing to the whole sound! For the rest...it is just the same GOD sound with diverse getting through and influences coming from all over the Metallic spectrum. As a synthesis, "Aura" seems to be a more powerful aggressive album dominated by a well-known and super promoted Metal but definitely in lack of brilliance! Perhaps if this were the debut album...GOD would have reached a smacking success! But we shall see if so...in a few months. If you desire for this band not to die...well, make sure this album shall be included in your personal collection as the release date is before the end of the year!!!