God "Hell & Heaven"

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God "Hell & Heaven"
  • Album: Hell & Heaven
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: KHAEOTICA
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

Well, here we have our EURomanians from Iasi, who after tattooing thousands of slender shoulders and various dorsal muscles for the Portuguese at not solely for them returned to their first love: music! Therefore, Lapusneanu brothers succeeded after more than four years of silence to release a new material, a MCD consisting in five very different sequences. I should further mention that the Orthodox Doom Death Black Gothic Metal (they were claiming to play) performed on the previous albums and which brought them plenty of recognition around these lands - as they were probably the first local underground band after NEGURA BUNGET - has now transformed into Pagan Viking Metal, at least that's the band opinion! Nevertheless, GOD always had some problems into defining their style, as what they've claimed to play never matched with what we could listen within their music! We have the same situation now, cause the new sound is placed somewhere among Gothic, Black Metal and Epic Folk Atmospheric! "Barbarian Gods" sounds excellent, as the traditional influences are ingeniously and originally mixed with atmospheric elements, inside a very rhythmic and enjoyable Metal structure. The vocal mix is quite interesting and Castor's voice seems mightier and better than ever before; at least on the fragments where the normal voice surrounds the entire sound! This track is like an anthem, gathering elements that remind of HELHEIM or even MANOWAR! It is the most appealing track of the album, perhaps the closest one to Pagan Viking Metal, presenting as dominant features the choirs and guitar solos! I admit enjoying this voice a lot and that I appreciate the power and the force emanating from the chest of a genuine Romanian (well lately Portuguese!

"Mystic Song" unveils a new dimension of the band, especially due to the fact that the lyrics are in Romanian, moreover its traditional/archaic frame brings to my mind the soundtrack of patriotic Romanian movies with and about our ancestors, plus the presence of a relaxing accordion in the background. I think it is the utter traditional piece in GOD's history! "Riders From Hell" (special "Hells Angels" version) is a track heading towards Power Heavy Metal, with a trolled voice opening doors towards the annoying Progressive, while the rhythm tends to turn far too complex and tormenting, plus the keyboard used excessively and monotonous. Once again Costel's voice is a quality one, but it does not match with a track processed in an uninspired way, risking to transform itself into a style hybrid; well fortunately it isn't too long. Another track that could be used by GOD at the end of every single one of their concerts is "The Promised Land", as the melody and the atmosphere are enhanced by a super bombastic keyboard, plus there is an extremely active and heavy guitar, emphasizing the Epic dimension at its most! I should mention some stuff regarding "Riders Of Hell &Heaven", which starts with a bright Heavy Metal and turns into a very melodious and explosive Gothic Metal, it is finally the only track keeping the influence line remarked on the previous albums! As far as I know the rest of the members are Portuguese, and this Romanian - Portuguese mix has plenty live performances on various Metal scenes! I appreciate the fact that this MCD has been released on a new label, Khaeotica, owned and managed by another Romanian, Julius, living for quite a while in Germany. More or less subjective, I'd say this little album reaches elegance in all its aspects and you should all get to listen to it. Well, whether it is the best album or not, that's a totally different discussion. But, you should get it at least for Castor's voice and Gelu's guitar! Plus, I am still waiting them to play live in Romania the superb track "Alma Mater", alongside MOONSPELL! Costel's voice is better than Fernando's! At least on this track! Congratulations, you Portuguese! I am surprised that the Iberian tentacles haven't subdued your extremely melodious, yet too bright sound! I am waiting a new album with interest!