GOETIA "Hail Satan"

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GOETIA "Hail Satan"
  • Album: Hail Satan
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 

Fast and Brutal Black Metal again...! Oh, such hatred and abhorrence on this earth...! I am curious how many of these bands shall exist as well during the next five years. All are Evil and pissed off because of living...Anyway, this is their business... GOETIA is an added band to last decade wave but despite many of those nullities, here we can enjoy an aggressive line well and decently interpreted, with synchronization and energising rhythms. And this can be noticed as well due to their declared direction to Death Metal. The 6 tracks are pleasing for an audition but only if you are gifted with great patience and a natural curiosity to completely listen to this album. "Mare Tenebrarum" was this band debut released last year at Mordgrimm Records and this new chapter seems to be a continuance of it. I have no idea what kind of continuance...or to what...perhaps to the eternal boring Black/Death Metal hundreds of bands seem to perform these days. But nevertheless this is the best material The Greek label ever released.