GOLDEN DAWN "Masquerade"

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GOLDEN DAWN "Masquerade"
  • Album: Masquerade
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Austria

Stefan's musical project was founded 10 years ago yet one single album was released so far- "The Art Of Dreaming" 1997. I remember Martin Shirenc and Ray Wells (PAZUZU) were very excited about this band and actually they were the ones who financially sustained the debut at their label, Dark Matters. Well, that was all about the band's history. The new material brings and follows a similar orientation with some comments: some melancholic even medieval ones now interrupt Raw Black Metal passages with different voices, from clear warm ones or female vocals till grave voices, screamed and impressive, extremely fast guitars and abundant keyboard, which is a specific instrument for GOLDEN DAWN's sound. In other words, their musical style might be characterized like this: Avantgarde Symphonic Experimental Black Metal. There are some pronounced shades of Gothic Metal, even romantic ones so that, per ensemble, the album seems to be too complex and knotty with such a stylistic variety that actually confuses me much. Otherwise, this has an original presentation and the music is well executed.