GORELORD "Zombie Suicide Part: 666"

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GORELORD "Zombie Suicide Part: 666"
  • Album: Zombie Suicide Part: 666
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Gore Metal? Sinister stylistic designation! Well, there was no other possible way if we take in account that the project is conceived by Frediablo (NECROPHAGIA, WURDULAK, SOUL FORSAKEN and GRIMFIST)! Sick mind, brutal lyrics, prohibited to appear in the booklet of the CD, a horror atmosphere, menacing guitars, cadaveric voices, dreadful bass, incendiary battery... everything sounds morbid, violent and without hope! This is a sample of authentic Groove Death Metal but in an explosive shape in lack of any modern interlude or polite atmosphere. Uhhh!!! Indeed, Frediablo is a talented instrumentalist and this cannot be denied but you need nerves of steel and a huge desire for musical brutality in order to listen to GORELORD. I understood this is the second album as the first ("Force Fed On Human Flesh") was produced by Killjoy (NECROPHAGIA) and had as guests Jehmod (PERIHED, BLOODTHORN) and Maniac (MAYHEM). As news: the third album, "Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre" is almost ready...including on CD a video-clip as well. One thing is for sure... The gates of Hell have been opened, & there is a new name for Gore & Horror... its name is GORELORD!
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