GORGOROTH "Black Mass Krakow - DVD"

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GORGOROTH "Black Mass Krakow - DVD"
  • Album: Black Mass Krakow - DVD
  • Year: 2004
  • Label: METAL MIND
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

This is one of the most controversial concerts in Black Metal history! In a predominantly Catholic country, the place of birth of the Pope and where the population follows without arguing the strict rituals imposed by religion, a Satanist band thought to have a gig in a period of time when nothing was happening. And what a show the Norwegians have put one! And I’m not solely referring to the shock produced to anyone present there by the Antichristian messages! But also to the impaled decapitated sheep, bloody as you can imagine, along with some crucified nudes; an imagery that could turn into a case study in sociology courses! Not to mention the conflicts started with the animal rights activists! It didn’t even matter that those heads have been bought from a butcher’s shop! What can I say… I wanted to see this concert, maybe partly due to the fact it has been highly debated! Yes, they created an on-stage apocalyptic scene, demented, horror, and GORGOROTH sustained a special concert, in the same Black Metal manner that thrilled and enraptured the fans until that time! GORGOROTH found tremendous success after this show, as they now are one of the most representative Norwegian Black Metal bands. I won’t remind you the quarrels and separations that occurred in the band during the last years, because the DVD also refers to the concert held in February 1st 2004, back in the day when all the band members were together and fully productive. The DVD has two bonus tracks from a concert in Leipzig, held in the year of 2000, along with an animated menu, discography, an instigating photo gallery, and biography… A DVD that I consider 100% advisable to Black Metal admirers, especially as it has been released in only 5000 pieces!