GORGUTS "From Wisdom to Hate"

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GORGUTS "From Wisdom to Hate"
  • Album: From Wisdom to Hate
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 

Luc Lemay is one of the most representative exponents of all times Death Metal while his activity, besides GORGUTS, transformed the band into a vivid legend. After a peace and relax time, due to Roadrunner label's financial problems, the troops come back with verve releasing "Obscura" and, now, these new sequences, which personalize one of the best Death Metal albums of this year. What can I tell you more about GORGUTS in 2001 version?! - Just that everything is like in good all times and, as a paradox, that is excellent: devastating guitars, throaty furious voice, fast tunes virtuosity and master craft. What should be wrong?! -The fact there is no fundamental change in the actual sound, even if it is long time since their glory period. Anyway, as a final remark, this album might get welcome by those who still listen to OBITUARY or DEATH.