GRAVEWORM "Engraved In Black"

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GRAVEWORM "Engraved In Black"
  • Album: Engraved In Black
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Austria

Melodic Black Metal in line! Nothing interesting, nothing special... maybe one single Celtic traditional track, which actually has nothing in common with the rest of the tracks! I think that those CRADLE OF FILTH clones continue to live well approaching the same stylistic manner with linear screaming voice, extremely fast riffs, never-ending battery and an abundant keyboard (this time somehow more intelligently used than in times before...). I couldn't say I was disappointed but neither that I would carry it in my mind for long time...! I must say, all is executed in a professional way and pretty seriously but I am afraid this is not sufficient for a band to walk the same road Cradle started 10 years ago...! Perhaps it is... solely if the purpose is to listen to another first rate Black Metal album... but what about originality, gentlemen? To copy in an elegant manner might be a merit but definitely not recognition! It is a pity for this album didn't appear 10 years ago! Most certainly it must have been quite a shock for Black Metal scene... Anyway... who knows what today Black fans might prefer?!