GRAYSCALE "When The Ghosts Are Gone"

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GRAYSCALE "When The Ghosts Are Gone"
  • Album: When The Ghosts Are Gone
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: SOUND RIOT
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

Gothic Metal should be another style that actually enjoys still a huge success on the Metal scene and that is why many and many bands are more attracted to such orientation. Ex- FOUR BITCHES have now a sextet formula and mark their debut at the Portuguese label in a pompous manner but with less stylistic strength. If you want To/Die/For, ENTWINE or any other Finnish Gothic Metal projects, all having as basis an AMORPHIS and SENTENCED structure, then GRAYSCALE definitely might please you. Male clear vocals, heavy guitars, a boring battery, intense keyboards, a positive friendly atmosphere and plenty of melody and rhythm...everything is performed in an elegant manner yet perfectly moulded on the up mentioned bands' matrix. This is another fine album, pleasing to the ear of which I really hope not to get lost inside a multitude of similar ones.