GREEN CARNATION "A Blessing In Disguise"

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GREEN CARNATION "A Blessing In Disguise"
  • Album: A Blessing In Disguise
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Strange sensation! Right after the audition of a first track I remained completely disappointed by Tchort's new Heavy Progressive Rock approach. I really had great expectations; after a timid debut and a second sensational outcome I felt like being natural for the Norwegians to follow up the Metal Progressive line they embraced so far. Well, it seems like their decision was precisely to break the underground border and to explore Melodic Rock realms. Starting with "Lullaby In Winter", GC outlines a more commercial and tangible facet with slow tracks of a certain charm. The entire album is ruled by a clear and perhaps rather too light voice (like in the Progressive style) and a mesmerising piano. Although the sound has nothing of Metal within, there is a Dark remain somewhere in the background while both keyboard and guitars follow tunes familiar to '70's sound. Thus, we could enjoy a calm Hard Rock, which simply outlines rather the inner harmony of the album than the virtuosity of the musicians. I still find so difficult to accept the fact that Tchort has chosen such a commercial line for this project... The future for such could only bring a contract with a Non-Metal label and a possible promotion of this album might be a series of various gigs. If the piano/keyboard didn't exist here, then the whole album might have been labelled as Melodic Rock with a light and really positive message. Even if for many Metal fans this sound might seem rather simplistic, I am sure that those who prefer more peaceful Metal or the fans of Rock would know how to appreciate this direction. Evolving doesn't mean the same thing, thinking or the same values for everybody. Probably, if someone gave me this album to listen to without mentioning the author I wouldn't have rushed to listen to it again... not to mention that I definitely would have failed to recognize the author... despite the fact that there still are some echoes of IN THE WOODS... drums! The album cover features a boy 3-4 years old, perhaps Tchort's son. As you well know, GC has suffered some changes in 1998, after 8 years of pause and the fundamental concept for the debut album was inspired by the death of Tchort's daughter. But many had happened since then and probably the fury and dark emotions of this talented musician remain to be expressed solely throughout BLOOD RED THRONE and CARPATHIAN FOREST .