GREEN CARNATION "Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness"

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GREEN CARNATION "Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness"
  • Album: Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

If I had listened to the last CARPATHIAN FOREST album, I would probably have been able to draw exactly the profile of Tchort musician since he is, for a long time, an important character of European Metal scene. You maybe already know that IN THE WOODS... firstly carried GREEN CARNATION title and was founded by Tchort almost ten years ago, when Death Metal was quite en vogue. His collaboration with bands such as EMPEROR, SATYRICON, EINHERJER finally lead to the abandon of his first project and that was a benefic fact for everybody since Botteri Brothers have realized a few genial IN THE WOODS... albums! In 1998, Tchort decided to resume the activity with GC and, after two years, he released his first album featuring an exceptional line-up yet, even so, I was not at all enchanted by this product. There were too long riffs, a psychedelic atmosphere in a Doom Metal and Pink Floyd influences and these aspects made it too knotty and charged for my actual taste. This new album can be considered exclusively Tchort's own solo creation and I must say this masterpiece fascinated me from the first instant I laid my hands on the CD. Its design is at least very attractive, the autumn rusty shades surrounds in a perfect harmony other images that immortalize the Mother Nature. After an outstanding intro, a few guitars' tunes and voices of children slowly make their appearance and then, Jan Transit (IN THE WOODS...), begins to sing mournfully: "A vision, a call, In times before my fall, In life before I became, I dreamed I was insane...". The manner he performs is deeply melancholic and the instruments mark their presence firstly in a discreet way so that at a certain time they explode in progression. If I had to describe what it is to be heard here I would be forced to fill dozens of pages and still I think I could not stop. It is important for you to understand that, all in all, it is a close-knit track although very complex. I would rather say it is still much more accessible and melodious than Tchort's former compositions, as the parts are much more various, from Pink Floyd to Doom Metal and even shades of Rock, Gothic or Metal. I find it hard to express in such few words what dozens of people perform during one single track for one whole hour. The imposing choirs imprint a remarkable sobriety while Synne Diana's voice (IN THE WOODS...) makes the gray psychedelic even deeper. Even the sound of carousel (merry-go-round) that we hear at the end takes our thoughts towards alien unfamiliar realms. I must confess that the album's finish has the mesmerizing power of throwing you out into a deeper and deeper oppressive nostalgia. It is a true exhibition of inspiration and originality and finally a precise testament of Tchort. Genial!