GRIFFAR "Of Witches And Celts"

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GRIFFAR "Of Witches And Celts"
  • Album: Of Witches And Celts
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 

I have heard a lot of things about this band, but only now I actually managed to listen to the debut album. This duet presents in a primitive manner (as sound and as approach as well) underground Black Metal. Griffar and Drakhian prove they can handle their instruments and can play music but what for? This Cold Majestic Pagan Black Metal as declared has nothing out of the ordinary, nothing to delimit from the Evil bands' crowd. Make-up, madness, screams, clownish rhythms and linear ones, fast tunes, some atmospheric riffs...and keep on going! The tracks are more than long and maybe this is the only distinct element I respect. In other words, the effort and seriousness are two chapters really appreciable and so is the execution part. Lyrics are some kind of stories from Celtic legends, pretty enjoyable and apt to transpose you into a mood quite inappropriate with the sound. Well, it is still insufficient for me. Anyway, the two of them are connected with other projects they actually featured in: PROFANE. BLACK DEMENTIA or TAAKE. A material exclusively dedicated to mad Black Metal or in another terms True Black Metal.