•  Posted in: Kogaionon ReviewsRating: 0.84/1
  • Album: Purity
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: SUPERNAL
  • Artist: 
  • Ukraine

Starting with 1995 there were many written reviews about this band but, despite of such, the Ukrainians are not exactly eager to agree with interviews or disclosing any other details about them. Declared descendant of Slavic mythology, with obvious references in Nietzsche's philosophy, the guys bring up here a first rate Elitist Black Metal with Grim, Fast, Cold and Epic valences as well. It is a Black Metal in old style reminding me of the Nordic band, HADES, very well elaborated and in a complete harmony. Right after a first audition, I realized that sometimes... even a music which has nothing original in...may create a certain state of mind for the listener. Sincerely speaking... this music turned me back in time... to a period when to set churches on fire in Norway... was just about to become a fashion while Black Metal didn't reach yet the status of a mass phenomenon. Those extreme vocals have their charm and so is the drum machine which is continuous in the background... not to mention about that primitive approach of the guitars... It is all great! This album has no chance but to enchant... all the fans who adore classic Nordic Metal... in lack of special effects or other modern touches... such as keyboard or female vocals! Excellent!