•  Posted in: Kogaionon ReviewsRating: 0.75/1
  • Album: Redimus
  • Year: 2004
  • Label: BLACKEND
  • Artist: 
  • United Kingdom

Even if founded 11 years ago, the five musicians have released only three albums so far and a few EPs. The line up has been always altered so that I doubt there still are some of the founders. Following a classical Death Black Metal line, the British musicians had not experienced the same success CRADLE OF FILTH did, even if the execution is comparable. The melodic part seems to be rather too pale but there is a great dominant atmosphere created by the keyboards, mastering the sound and competing with demonic vocals. There is nothing new, nothing special, nothing original despite of that pitiful attempt for the instrumental passages to point out a genuine sound. I should only say that the title-track actually has a different orientation... more avant-garde... somehow out of any common pattern, but nothing else. In other words, keep in mind: it is a British first rate Black Metal both in execution and mixing, with Epic, Death or Atmospheric elements brightly conceived but in lack of personality.