Hel "Falland Vorandi"

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Hel "Falland Vorandi"
  • Album: Falland Vorandi
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: DGF
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

Valdr and Skaldir are two talented musicians that made their debut in 1999 with an interesting album, but, unfortunately, the label dissolved, and the band didn't have a professional promotion. The two guys activated on this scene for over eleven years, but in various Death Metal projects. I am holding in my hands this band's second album and I can assure you it is the best Viking/Folk Pagan Metal album from Germany. It is an inspired mixture between BATHORY ("Hammerheart") and FALKENBACH, with some epic valences reminding of early MANOWAR, and the tracks are war hymns, extremely atmospheric and bombastic. The weak point is given by the short tracks, let's call them interludes, that seem to break the continuity of an extremely complex album. A possibility might be that the Germans tried to synthesize on this album all their ideas aroused within almost five years, therefore this might explain the style mix that turns wearisome from time to time. But all this doesn't matter in the end, as the voices alternation (normal, recitative, aggressive, including the tenor and the feminine voices) dominates the sound! This little Metal jewel may become a piece for collection partly due to its beautiful presentation, including images that open the door for you to enter instantly within the pagan atmosphere created by the two Germans! The current label is preparing to release a new HEL album shortly, but I strongly recommend you to buy also their first work "Orloeg", that has been reissued during this summer and which has the same appealing imagery. You might remember it was first released by Ars Metalli, the same label that hosted ANTICHRISIS! An interesting band that truly deserves your attention!