Hel "Tristheim"

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Hel "Tristheim"
  • Album: Tristheim
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: DGF
  • Artist: 

I admit that I've been waiting impatiently for this release, as Skaldir has proven all the way being a talented musician! I was surprised though, because this very album is a completely acoustic one, without any shade of Pagan or Black Metal! The sound consists solely in cold guitar and piano, accompanied by pear instruments like: violin, accordion, flute, cello. The voices are calm, singing the exclusive German lyrics, except the very few passages spoken by Lars Jensen (MYRKGRAV) on a short track, plus there are choirs in the background... well, a truly mystical sound! It was beyond my expectations of being ever able to listen to a completely acoustic album conceived by Skaldir and Valdr, but it is now proven as being real and it simply cannot derange. Nevertheless, in order to savour this material, a certain state of mind and soul is required, otherwise after a couple of tracks it could all turn weary and linear.

It is so serene and unveils such a melancholic aura, a sad one evenly, that patience is essential in order to understand it and to pervade the realm it contours. Obviously, an album alike should have been released by a Non-Metal label in order to set smooth the audience's perception towards it. If I haven't convinced you yet, just do a copy-paste and go back in time, to see that the same path has been followed by EMPYRIUM, which transcended directly towards the acoustic dimension after releasing two Metal albums! Exactly the same: orientation, approach, music. If it is Pagan or Folk, it really doesn't matter... what imports is that we are dealing with a beautiful album, a rather transcendental one, rooted in ancient Nature's springs and influences, that can transpose you within a magnificent realm of mysticism! All you have to do is to find the gates and ford them ...