HELHEIM "Kaoskult"

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HELHEIM "Kaoskult"
  • Album: Kaoskult
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: KARISMA
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Well, this Norwegian band has also made a major change in what concerns the sound, this after the less understandable transition with the album released two years ago and named “The Journeys And The Experiences Of Death”. The five Vikings present an excellent material, incredibly harmonizing aggressive Black Metal with Progressive elements, finely alternating the voices and the over-used guitars. The keyboard has an originality of its own (so Lindheim’s return seems to be a smart move), trying to dominate a sound where guitar riffs prevail! It is both an aggressive album and a melodic one, exclusively sang in Norwegian, embodying the Norwegian Black Metal spirit, and despite the modern elements, it keeps its Pagan scent! Therefore, we can say that HELHEIM released an album that is the perfect picture of the new Norwegian Epic Black Metal scene, an authentic material, one that leaves no room for negative feedback! It is the most technical and complex album in HELHEIM’s history, yet, I must admit, some influences from the producer Bjornar Nilsen (VULTURE INDUSTRIES) are to be sensed. It is also the first album where you can hear more voices, as the guests were Marius Lynghjem (CORVINE) and Royce (HellHikers). I appreciate that the unique atmosphere created 13 years ago on “Jormundgand” is still alive!