HELRUNAR "Baldr ok Iss"

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HELRUNAR "Baldr ok Iss"
  • Album: Baldr ok Iss
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

When saying Lupus Lounge, clearly Black Metal is what you're meant to expect! After an album released two years ago that hasn't impress me at all, "Frostnacht", Skald Draugir, Dionysos and Alsvartr have now returned with a new chapter of Norse Black Metal, sung, as before, in German!!! I must admit that it is a finely conceived album, sounding good and deserving maximum attention! Despite the fact it is completely lacked in originality, the three members succeed into creating a gloomy, freezing, at all friendly atmosphere, reminding me of early. Not merely atmospheric, it is extremely sharp, especially through the guitar riffs, the fully rhythmic battery and the grim voice, angry as hell! Within this very uproar we can spot plenty melody, imposing atmosphere, serene interludes enliven by gentle acoustic guitars, martial voices that recite... what's there more to be said? Pure Black Metal language! An elaborated album, one you could easily be perceived as created by a Norwegian band!