HERMH "Eden's Fire"

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HERMH "Eden's Fire"
  • Album: Eden's Fire
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: PAGAN
  • Artist: 
  • Poland

I remember how eager I was some 11 years ago to find the "Echo" album! This very quest of mine worth all my efforts, as the four Poles are truly talented. The second album "Taran", released at a German label was less interesting; afterwards Pagan Records released "Angeldemon" album and seven years later another material, "Before The Eden Awaiting The Fire", a CDM announcing another important work. This came to light only this year and I can assure you it is a superb Black Metal Symphonic release, unveiling Death guitars, destructive drums, hallucinating and brightly performed keyboard, extreme and mighty vocals... It mingles EMPEROR, NILE and ARCTURUS in a well arranged and interpreted formula, leaving no space for query acts. The keyboard triumphs by far, communicating perfectly with the distinct vocals (demonical and guttural) and with the guitars that seem connected to 360V! As for the drums, there are several fragments that remind me of CARCASS or NAPALM DEATH's times of glory! Long years have passed since I have last listened to such a well conceived Black Death Metal album, one creating a mighty atmosphere, not necessarily bombastic but certainly dominant! Even though it does not bring out novelty, this album has to be listened by all those admiring extreme sonorities, especially for its genius interpretation! Moreover, the booklet looks interesting, alongside an inviting video that is also included.