Hexvessel "Dawnbearer"

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Hexvessel "Dawnbearer"
  • Album: Dawnbearer
  • Year: 2010
  • Label: SVART
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

I have been listening to this album even before the winter holidays! I wanted to write about it, but every time, I changed my mind. Why? I don't know, it seems too intimate, too atypical for what appears on the market in these years... it might be too simple to be perceived as complicated in journalistically phrases ... or too complicated to be described framed in styling cues ... Matt McNenrney, alias Kvohst, wanted

through this project, entitled HEXVESSEL, to show an entirely new dimension, besides those listed, Black Metal inspired CODE and DODHEIMSGARD. More than likely the classical brutality fans will hardly ingurgitate this esoteric Folk sample with Psychedelic inserts and occult touches. I surely know though

they will try listening "Dawnbearer", especially because the album is conceived by Kvohst and he relied at the guitar on Andrew Aort's (CODE) help. And as special guest on the most dynamic and rhythmic track he has the talented musician Carl-Michael Eide (VIRUS / VED BUENS ENDE).

We have acoustic guitars, mandolin, banjo, violins ... and Matt's voice! What a voice, what twists and vocalizations! I love that voice! What a resonance can "The Solomon's Song" have in my mind! Here and there Marja's fragile voice can be heard, which seems to politely and shyly accompany during the entire album, the talented singer's voice! Instrumental tracks have their charm but without voice, they seem incomplete ... So, this year's beginning shocked me with two anachronistic albums, one on avantgardistic valences (the new VIRUS) and one on the exploratory references of an esoteric Experimental Folk, meaning HEXVESSEL's debut.

I can't wait to see them on stage in Alba Iulia, especially because they will be in the formula of 7...strange or normal, it's for you to decide!