HIDDEN "Spectral Magnitude"

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HIDDEN "Spectral Magnitude"
  • Album: Spectral Magnitude
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: RED STREAM
  • Artist: 

Dismal Astral Death Metal...is their declared style and the band's origin is not made public, the underground depressive and weird sound is the ruler here...and these are just a few characteristic elements of this debut. In my language, HIDDEN follows a mixture of Doom, Black, Death and Speed Metal while the macabre voice and the sound of the guitars simply remind me of mystical bands of 90's. The atmosphere might carry your thoughts to DISEMBOWELMENT or WINTER and the instruments' grave note widen an enigmatic aura on a strange mysterious environment. Here and there can be heard clear normal voices, I might even say Heavy Metal ones, but per ensemble HIDDEN sound is just fucking weird: slow openings rotates with super-fast ones, the battery is modestly mixed while, in exchange, the guitars' expressiveness absolutely dictate upon your instincts. I haven't understood much of this album but I know for sure that captivated my attention and for the moment I actually am intrigued to read an interview with the guys. I understood this is even more difficult to achieve since RED STREAM carefully selects any mode of getting in touch or "revealing" HIDDEN details!